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MIT"s DribbleBot

MIT’s DribbleBot: Taking Football to the Next Frontier of Robotics

For millions worldwide, football transcends being just a game; it is an emotion, uniting supporters in euphoric admiration for their favorite teams. The game persists across varying climates, terrains, and even historical eras – its influence seemingly unscathed by the trials of time and circumstance. The sport’s latest challenge, however, comes from an unexpected player: ...

Rishi Bhushan

Basketball’s High Stakes: Lillard and Harden Stir up NBA Trade Season

The seven-time NBA all-star, Damian Lillard, and the 2018 NBA’s Most Valuable Player (MVP), James Harden, have requested a trade from their respective teams, the Portland Trail Blazers and Philadelphia 76ers. With the trade season officially underway, this has added buzz to the upcoming season. After 11 years playing for Portland, Lillard has ‘specifically’ asked ...

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