Day 11 of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 brought historic moments, shocking upsets, and intense competition. The unexpected standout was the World Cup newcomer, Morocco, who made history for all the right reasons. However, the co-host, New Zealand, bowed out of the tournament, following a goalless draw against Switzerland. The Colombians, however, stole the … Read more

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High Heels to High Risk: The Health Hazards Lurking Behind the Barbie Foot Challenge

CruxBuzz Staff

The global success of the recently released “Barbie” movie has sparked a frenzy amongst fans, spawning several viral social media trends. The “#barbiefootchallenge” is one of these trends on TikTok, with enthusiasts attempting to imitate the arched foot posture of the iconic Barbie doll as a challenge, inspired by a specific scene in the movie. … Read more

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Day 10 of FIFA Women’s World Cup: Victory for Sweden, France and Historic Win for Jamaica

Rishi Bhushan

As the largest spectacle of women’s football continues across Australia and New Zealand, Day 10 of the FIFA Women’s World Cup witnessed thrilling performances from groups G and F. The race for the knockout stages is intensifying, and some teams have already begun securing their positions. Sweden dominated Italy at Wellington Regional Stadium, winning with … Read more

FIFA, Football, Jamaica, Sweden, Women's sports, world cup

MIT"s DribbleBot


MIT’s DribbleBot: Taking Football to the Next Frontier of Robotics

Rishi Bhushan

For millions worldwide, football transcends being just a game; it is an emotion, uniting supporters in euphoric admiration for their favorite teams. The game persists across varying climates, terrains, and even historical eras – its influence seemingly unscathed by the trials of time and circumstance. The sport’s latest challenge, however, comes from an unexpected player: … Read more

Women Sunbathing on Beach


Beer Tanning: The Alarming Trend You Need to Know About

CruxBuzz Staff

The sun’s warmth has an undeniable allure, but recent trends signal a need for renewed vigilance in sun safety. An alarming practice known as ‘beer tanning’ has gained traction, placing individuals at unnecessary risk. To many, the idea might seem absurd – pouring beer onto the skin before exposure to sunlight. Yet, certain corners of … Read more

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