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De Santis Teams Up with Elon Musk for Presidential Campaign Launch on Twitter

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Florida Governor Ron De Santis will declare his candidature for president during a Twitter Spaces conversation with CEO Elon Musk. The discussion will be chaired by software entrepreneur and De Santis supporter David Sacks and will be featured on Wednesday at 6 p.m. ET.   

After Memorial Day, De Santis will produce a launch video, and early states will be shown Elon Musk’s presence in De Santis’ campaign debut gives it an unexpected twist and gives him access to a sizable online audience.  The Twitter Spaces even introduces some risk into the meticulously planned rollout, but it also gives De Santis a chance to link himself with Musk’s sizable audience. 

De Santis’ problem will be competing for attention with former President Donald Trump, who is running in the 2024 elections. De Santis and Musk have been friends since last year, when the former indicated support for the latter’s future presidential bid. 

The announcement takes place while high-end fundraisers for De Santis are gathering in Miami. According to conversations with De Santis’s staff, Musk has indicated that he doesn’t think Trump can retake the White House. Participation by Musk in the announcement is viewed by the De Santis team as a resounding show of support due to its history of problems and failures, De Santis’ decision to use Twitter Spaces, an audio-only streaming technology, adds a dimension of unpredictability. 

Musk, who has criticized the administration and voiced the desire for a “normal human being” to lead the country, voted for President Biden in 2020. Musk has interacted with and disseminated right-wing conspiracy theories, which has helped him create a stronger Republican following on Twitter.  

David Sacks, a Republican fundraiser who supports De Santis and is connected to Musk, will serve as the event’s moderator. De Santin’s has backed legislation to safeguard against “Silicon Valley elites”, and tech firms have come under fire for their attempts at content control.  

Musk’s presence in De Santis’ campaign launch, more than any other tech business previously, puts Twitter’s involvement in a presidential election front and center. Early in 2021, De Santis and Musk had dinner together and afterwards developed a relationship together and afterwards developed a relationship through Sacks, a significant Republican fundraiser. Because of Elon Musk purchase of Twitter, “free speech” was expected to be restored, and  a right – learning following was drawn.  

By collaborating with Musk, De Santis can circumvent conventional media and directly target a conservative audience on Twitter. The De Santis campaign is confident in their plan, despite risks like Musk overshadowing De Santis criticism over Musk’s opinions.  

Musk, who will no longer serve as Twitter’s CEO, has appointed a new CEO to handle the company’s commercial operations while continuing to work on new products and new technology.

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