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Giants’ Loss to Eagles Reminiscent of Another Team’s Playoff Failure

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The New York Giants’ playoff participation was met with skepticism by many. However, their victory in the Wild Card round against Minnesota Vikings seemed to have silenced the critics. But their defeat in the Divisional round against the Philadelphia Eagles reignited the doubts on their belonging in the playoffs. For those who have forgotten this narrative, let us refresh your memory. Giants’ loss to Eagles reminiscent of another team’s playoff failure.

TCU’s inclusion in the College Football Playoff was met with skepticism by many, however, their victory against Michigan in the Fiesta Bowl appeared to have quieted the critics. But their performance in the National Championship Game against Georgia reignited the doubts on their belonging in the playoff, as they were unable to match the Bulldogs’ level of play.

Like the TCU vs Georgia game, the Giants were outmatched by the Eagles. Philadelphia was in complete control of the game from the start, scoring touchdowns on its first two possessions and four out of five in the first half, excluding a kneel down in the final seconds. The Eagles opened up a 28-0 lead and went on to win the game 38-7, with the Giants unable to match the Eagles’ level of play.

Like TCU, the Giants will have to reflect on their defeat, analyze the mistakes and address the shortcomings that led to the loss, in order to improve moving forward.

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