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The USA Team Keep The English Quiet At The FIFA World Cup

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Two teams with a deep mark in modern sports history collided today at the FIFA World Cup tournament in Qatar. US national men’s soccer team & the Three Lions i.e. England played ball as their soft rivalry came down to the football pitch. Once, USA had beaten England in 1950 under the leadership of Ed Mcllven in Brazil. By the end of full time, the US team had kept the English team quiet till the end at the FIFA world cup in Qatar.

The US team seemed confident with a hint of fearlessness in their previous game against Wales. With Wales now lost to Iran, circumstantially makes it difficult to evaluate which is the superior bunch out of the two. 

Both England and USA teams are made of young and fearless players with dreams to fetch the cup in Qatar. However, there is a vast difference when it comes to both their origins. The English come from a place where people are mad about this game. Whereas the USA are world dominants in the Olympics and have their key interests in each and every sports category. 

Moving forward in today’s game, the national anthem is sung for each of these world renowned nations. Distinctly, the US team has a spark in their eyes considering they have nothing to lose while going head to head against the last world cup’s finalists, England. 

The first half seemed a calibration period for either teams, as each side evaluated and even took chances as per the skills they gauged of the opposite side. After the 30th minute, it was evident, USA were beginning to spread their fearless wings while the English were trying to stamp their superiority. 

As the English fans began singing their stadium anthems, the USA team was trying its effective strategies to manoeuver its way with the ball towards the goal. One thing was sure, the English who won against Iran previously had steep trek ahead to win the match. This was just due to the relentless US team members, who were in no mood to succumb down to the pressure the English projected. 

The US team had shown the English their fearless grit as the game reached the half time. The US striker, Pulisic hit the goal bar during one attempt and the English defence, Mount’s strike was averted by US goalie, Turner. Well, McKennie missed to get the ball into the net with a blinder in-front pass, maybe because it was a flip second pass & difficult to convert into a clean strike.

With a few upsets in this World Cup, one clear fact was sculpting gradually. The football dominance or expertise or technical skills were now no more exclusive to the South Americans or the Europeans. Two Asians have shocked the prominent teams like the Argentine and the German, it is much evident that soccer will have newer champions every year. 

After the half time the US and the English continued their feud in search of a goal. However the US did come across more dominant than the English, at least more than a few times. US had a couple of consecutive corners executed by Pulisic. Either of the attempts never converted into goals, but the English stood a little overwhelmed with the USMNT mostly hovering on the English side. 

Around 75 minutes and ahead the English had a flurry in the American side, but was subsided successfully by the US defence. Before More American dominance headed towards the English goalie, the first series of substitutes were called in. Ahead the USMNT and English side confronted a few more attempts for the first score.

George Weah, the son of Ballon d’ Or winner was substituted and the Game continued. The US mission continued towards the end with a goalless verdict. But the English had the least of the desired outcome compared to the US team. Both teams drew the match with a nil-nil outcome. 

Moving ahead, even if the English inch ahead towards qualification the US hold a higher stature here due to their amazing grit held.

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