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2 Chainz Accidentally Stumbled Upon His Late Father’s Hidden Stash At The Basement 

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American rapper 2 Chainz accidentally discovered his late father’s secretly hidden stash of cash while bursting a pipe in the basement. Later, the College Park, Georgia native revealed on Instagram how he stumbled upon his father’s secret cash. 

2 Chainz explained in an interview, “Quick story. I had busted people in the basement. They fixed my basement and then they found…I guess it’s my pop’s old stash.” He even recorded a video of him fondling a pile of bills which is the said stash in the video. 

Later 2 Chainz said regarding his father’s passing away to Angie Martinez in Aug 2012, “I was there the whole time even when he passed, I was right there and it was just something…and it was like, ‘Man you got a tour to do, you got an album coming out,’ and you know he was saying little things like imma be aight, and really I just be talking to him like he still here.” 

However, his father was not always present in his life. Still, 2 Chainz was able to restore his bond with his father before his death. He connected with his father instantly when he came out of prison seven years ago. 

In memory of his father, 2 Chainz told The Urban Daily, “Recently we just started saying ‘I love you’ on the phone…Like two weeks ago, he said something that he’s never said before…’You’re a good man and I’m proud of you. I just wanted to tell you that.’ You know he’s getting older and he’s been sick a lot lately and that scares me.” 

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