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BCCI should support other games

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The richest sports organization -BCCI- should support other games as it has got enough funds. If a small State like Odisha can host World Cup hockey matches twice, Why not BCCI adopt other games that suffer due to shortage of funds ?

If not each State should adopt a game e.g. Maharashtra & Goa can support Football along with West Bengal which has got famous football clubs like Mohun Bagan. 

Kerala can adopt athletics, While Punjab & Haryana may support wrestling. Tamil Nadu must support volleyball & UP can support the marathon.Karnataka can adopt gymnastics, while  Bihar may come forward to adopt chess. Rajasthan must encourage pole vault, while Sikkim can support mountaineering along with the UK (Uttarakhand). But my wish is that the BCCI can easily take on the task of winning medals in all the disciplines of sports including swimming as it has got the maximum number of medals in the Olympics. A small country like Serbia boasts of Tennis champions, why not this biggest country in population produce at least a dozen champions in various games & sports?

Let us think about this!

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