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Netherlands Based Company Finds A Way To Be Sustainable Till Your Last Breath

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What if there was a way to give back to the earth even after you are no longer on it? Wouldn’t it be gratifying to know that once your time on this green and blue sphere is over, you will contribute to its betterment? That is the goal that Loop-Biotech aims to accomplish. Lonneke Westhoff and Bob Hendrikx are the founders of this innovative yet sustainable company. They are based out of the Netherlands, and their tagline is, “From graveyard to forest, – Let’s close the Loop!”

The company offers its consumers a unique service. They utilize Mycelium, which is a root network made up of mushrooms. It can transform dead organic matter into brand-new forms of life. This phenomenon proves that Mycelium is one of the key players in the natural cycle of life. Can you believe that such intriguing processes take place underground? It is proof that there is always much more than what meets the eye when it comes to nature. Mycelium created fresh nutrients out of the old on a regular basis, allowing new plants to flourish. It thus facilitates a circular cycle in nature.

The key focus here is how this process is incorporated into their products. Loop-Biotech has created the first living coffin. Alongside the Loop Living Cocoon™, they have also created the Loop EarthRise™ and Loop ForestBed™. Through these products, an individual will be able to grow into a tree after their death, allowing them to grow and give back to the earth for years. These coffins and products are made from mushrooms that decompose into the earth without causing any harm or pollution.

For centuries now, humans have exploited nature, and today we suffer the consequences. Global warming, forest fires, floods, and a plethora of natural disasters are rising by the minute. All of this is a result of the mistreatment we have imposed on nature. It is important to understand that human beings cannot burden the earth forever, it is necessary to leave behind a positive footprint as well. 

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Loop-BioTech aims to join hands with nature instead. Their sustainable factories create biobased products that are meant to use human nutrients in an extremely natural way. Through these living products, humanity will become a part of the natural cycle of life instead of disrupting it. It is a collaboration with nature to enrich the surroundings that give us so much daily. The company aims to restore nature and help its audience view humans after death as compost, instead of waste. 

The process of burying people in caskets and spreading their ashes is part of many cultures. However, they are extremely toxic to the environment, and there are sustainable methods like the living coffin that need to be explored. 

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