World Cup 2023

Govind Tekale

CWC 2023 Final Chapter: India’s Valiant Struggle and Australia’s Historic 6th Cricket World Cup Final Win

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Unexpectedly, Australia won the CWC 23 by 6 wickets. Oz opted to field after winning the toss. India made 240 runs​​. Now, volumes will be written about India’s loss. But if we think of other past winners of CWC, we are in a better position. Last time champions – England managed not to be the last in the points table​​. Success has many claimants, but failure is not owned by anybody. Today, luck did not favour India. One feels for skipper Rohit. In spite of his selfless devotion to the team, India lost to Australia​​.

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But the dreams of a billion people were shattered today. Otherwise, everything went off very well. The Air Show was a great success. The entertainment program too enthralled the spectators. Just imagine the team of 15 members. They are supported by 21 other associates. We should console ourselves that we did not lose everything. We found Shami the sure-shot bowler​​​​. Shreyas Iyer’s No.4 position is sealed​​​​. India’s support to Afghanistan also is cemented. Rachin Ravindra will be a new player in the 2024 IPL​​. Incidentally, he is an Adiga from Karnataka.

King Kohli has surpassed the record of ODI centuries​​​​​​​​​​. The BCCI can now easily contribute its management skills to make the 2036 Olympics if they are offered to India. As Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of electricity, has rightly said that genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Today, India, that is Bharat, did not have that 1% inspiration. But we can try again. And remember always to treat success and failure equally as they are 2 sides of the same coin which is tossed to decide the choice of batting or fielding. At such time, let us not forget Shri Krishna’s advice given to Arjuna, as all of us Arjunas like the members of the Indian Cricket team. Well done, India!

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