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Rinku Singh Discusses Broken Bat with Virat Kohli Before KKR vs RCB Showdown

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The 17th season of the IPL has not been particularly good for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), as they find themselves at the bottom of the standings. Out of seven matches, RCB has managed to win only one. Despite the team’s struggles, the charisma of Virat Kohli, a prolific batsman in the team, remains undiminished. Not only fans, but players from other teams are also admirers of Virat. Today (April 21), Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) will face RCB. Before this match, a KKR batsman approached Virat Kohli to tell him, “The bat you gave me last match broke…”

A video posted on KKR’s social media handle shows Rinku Singh and Virat Kohli having a conversation, which went as follows:

Rinku: I broke the bat while hitting a spinner.

Virat: My bat broke?

Rinku: Yes, it broke on a spinner’s bowling. Where exactly did it break?

Rinku: (Holding Kohli’s bat) It broke at the bottom.

Virat: What should I do then?

Rinku: Nothing, I just came to tell you.

Virat: This is not right, man.

Rinku: So, will you send it again?

Virat: Send it to whom?

Rinku: Keep your bat.

Virat responded, “You took a bat before one match. I’ll give you two bats in two matches. Because of you, my condition worsens later.”

Rinku: I swear I won’t break the bat again. I’ll even show you the broken one.

The current IPL season has already seen new champions emerge. Rajasthan Royals are at the top of the leaderboard with six wins out of seven matches, followed by Sunrisers Hyderabad, KKR, and Chennai Super Kings.

RCB has managed to win only one match against Delhi Capitals so far. Whether RCB can put in a respectable performance for the rest of the season remains to be seen. Dinesh Karthik has highlighted the evolving level of batting over the past 17 years in IPL, noting that the league will soon see teams surpassing 300 runs in a match. The highest run total in the IPL so far is by Sunrisers Hyderabad, who scored 287 runs losing 3 wickets against RCB. Historically, the only time the 300-run mark was crossed in T20 history was when Nepal scored 314 runs against Mongolia at the Hangzhou Asian Games last year.

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