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MIT"s DribbleBot

MIT’s DribbleBot: Taking Football to the Next Frontier of Robotics

For millions worldwide, football transcends being just a game; it is an emotion, uniting supporters in euphoric admiration for their favorite teams. The game persists across varying climates, terrains, and even historical eras – its influence seemingly unscathed by the trials of time and circumstance. The sport’s latest challenge, however, comes from an unexpected player: ...

Govind Tekale

Meet Ameca: The Extraordinary Multilingual Poet and Sketch Artist of the Robot World

Ameca is a humanoid robot that possesses impressive abilities such as speaking multiple languages, composing poems, and sketching on demand. With its rubbery blue face, Ameca can respond to commands and questions and interact with people using generative artificial intelligence. The International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in London exhibited several robots, including Ameca. ...