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Diamond Platnumz’s Tanzanian Musician “Yatapita” Brings Healing and Encouragement to Fans

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Diamond Platnumz, the Tanzanian bongo musician released a new song that reminded his fans of his first-ever song. Platnumz’s newly revealed song ‘Yatapita’ closely resembled his first song ‘Nitarejea’ which he released nine years ago. 

His former song ‘Nitarejea’ got more than 17 million views on YouTube to this day. While the newly released one got over 1 million views within 24 hours of its release. In both songs, Diamond is broken and prays for his life to get better as he is urging his lover to bear with his agony. He is seen to be a struggling character in both songs. However, he promises to provide his lover with everything she desires once life is in his favor. 

The fans praise him over the song. One fan named Awadh Hemed said, “This song should be used in hospitals and pharmacies to be prescribed to patients because it heals a lot.” Another fan named Judy Mwenje said, “The creativity in this song is just on another level, it brings so much to reality…it’s also a very encouraging song…may all those going through hard times have faith that one day it shall come to pass.” 

The Tanzanian musician expressed his gratitude to both his production crew and his fans for the overwhelming support and words of appreciation. The song has been released the day after he was criticized by Kenyan comedian/ artist Eric Omondi saying that Diamond has excelled in the art of combining his shows with business. He even said Kenyan vocalists are much better compared to Diamond’s vocals. He said, “Diamond is not in the same league as any vocalist in Kenya but understands Showbiz. He cannot match us vocally but he is way ahead when it comes to Showbiz.”

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