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Trump and Biden Clash Over Immigration and Economy: Key Moments from the 90-Minute Presidential Debate

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During the heated presidential debate moderated by CNN journalists Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden clashed on several key issues. Trump resumed his past campaign rhetoric about reducing immigration, accusing Biden of only creating jobs for illegal immigrants and criticizing his administration as the worst in history. Biden countered, highlighting his efforts to lower medication prices and curb corporate greed, arguing that Trump’s policies only benefited the wealthy.

The debate then shifted to the topic of abortion, with Trump supporting state independence on the issue while Biden argued that only doctors should make decisions about women’s health, not politicians. When immigration was discussed, Trump described the border as dangerously porous, claiming it allowed criminals and terrorists into the country. Biden responded by mentioning his administration’s efforts to reduce illegal entries and criticized Trump for his harsh policies, such as separating children from their mothers.

The discussion took a personal turn with both candidates trading insults. Trump mocked Biden’s speaking style, and Biden pointed out Trump’s contentious relationships with foreign leaders, contrasting that with his own robust record in Congress and as President.

On foreign policy, Trump claimed that under his leadership, Putin would never have invaded Ukraine and Hamas would not have challenged Israel. He promised a swift resolution to the conflicts if re-elected. Biden, however, labeled Putin a war criminal and defended his administration’s support for Ukraine and Israel, noting his efforts to form a coalition of 50 countries to support Ukraine against the Russian threat.

The candidates also sparred over their visions for NATO and their age and fitness for office. Trump expressed skepticism about continuing to fund the Ukrainian defense without more European support and hinted at withdrawing from NATO, while Biden emphasized the strategic importance of the alliance and his commitment to supporting Ukraine.

The Republican said that the United States has spent “too much” money arming the Ukrainian army because of this war, called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky a “great businessman” for all the resources he has obtained from the United States, and criticized Biden because, in his opinion, he has not done enough to get European NATO countries to provide more support.

The Republican asserted, “It should have never happened”, Putin would never have invaded Ukraine, and Hamas would not have entered Israel. In fact, with his known self-sufficiency, he promised that if he wins the election, “I will have that war settled between Putin and Zelenskyy as president elect before i take office on January 20.”

However, when it came to the Gaza Strip and the Israel-Hamas war, both candidates avoided any controversy about the State of Israel and the accusations of genocide in Palestine.

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Biden stated that Hamas is the only one that wants to continue the war and indicated that the United States is the biggest supporter of Israel and has only denied them the use of bombs that could kill too many civilians. Meanwhile, Trump did not hesitate to express that Israel should be allowed to continue and finish the job and accused Biden of becoming a weak Palestinian.

However, Donald Trump avoided answering the question of whether he would support the creation of a Palestinian state.

“I would have to see,” he said when asked by moderator Dana Bash about the issue, before changing the subject and criticizing that European countries do not contribute enough money to NATO.

As the debate concluded, both candidates appealed to voters, with Trump criticizing Biden for allegedly jeopardizing the country’s safety and Biden touting his administration’s progress and commitment to a fair tax system.

This debate highlighted the stark contrasts in policy and personality between the two candidates as they vie for the presidency.

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