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Ban Wave Strikes Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2: Cheaters Beware!

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To add to the audience’s thrill, Fortnite Chapter 4 is back with its second season, in which they have introduced new items, weapons, events, and outfits, along with a dangerous game-breaking glitch. Players would be temporarily or permanently banned from the game if they were found to pose a challenging glitch risk.

The glitch includes the kinetic blade, a powerful melee weapon, and a disconnection exploit. to inflict all accumulated damage instantly. By unhitching momentarily with the use of the sword’s dash ability, the target player’s instant death can be achieved.

Under their zero-tolerance policy, Epic Games recently launched a ban wave targeting cheaters and exploiters. Bans could last up to 24 hours for first-time offenders and might extend to weeks or months for repeat offenders.

Epic games are known for maintaining fair play; they take reports on offenses such as cheating and ban cheaters as soon as possible. The players who exploit the Kinetic Blade glitch are affected by the ban wave. Due to accidental tournament playlists where the weapons are disabled, use of the exploit can occur. It was predominantly exploited in tournaments and ranked play.An immediate ban would take place for violating the rules regarding the glitch in any mode outside of tournaments; however, bans may differ in duration.

The Kinetic Blade is a highly sought-after advancement in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, offering significant damage and mobility advantages. Through the kinetic blade, players can easily eliminate opponents by disconnecting and dashing towards them if they expose the glitch. Players in the opposition are defenseless against exploitation, even when inside building structures for protection.

Epic Games reverted to the exploit by releasing a ban wave and removing the weapon from competitive playlists. Most of the players have received a 24-hour ban, which may last a long time for repetitive offenses. Creators may lose their Support-A-Creator code for breaking in-game rules or receive permanent bans for repetitive offenses.

Bans and warnings from Epic Games are issued in the case of glitches that cause players to unexpectedly die in-game. Justice would be served to the players utilizing the exploit, though it remains an unrevealed fact whether the Kinetic Blade will be completely removed or fixed in an upcoming patch.

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