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Harshit Tokas

Historic Swap: 24 People Released in Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Agreement

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Hamas, a group in Gaza, let go of 24 people they had captured. At the same time, Israel released 39 Palestinians as part of a four-day ceasefire. This was a big deal because it happened during a really bad conflict between Israel and Gaza. The Qatari Foreign Ministry said that Hamas released 24 Israelis and foreigners in exchange for the release of 39 Palestinians from Israeli prisons in the first batch of exchange.

“The ICRC (The International Committee of the Red Cross) has received 24 civilians, including several civilian women and children, under the humanitarian truce agreement,” Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman Majed Al-Ansari said on X. The ICRC also said in a statement, “We are relieved to confirm the safe release of 24 hostages.” “We have facilitated this release by transporting them from Gaza to the Rafah border, marking the real-life impact of our role as a neutral intermediary between the parties.”

Israel was happy to get back 13 women and kids who were taken by Hamas in an attack earlier. Some elderly people and even a 2-year-old child were also freed. People from Thailand and the Philippines who were captured were released too.

During the ceasefire, there were no more attacks between Israel and Gaza. This break helped deliver important things like food, water, medicine, and fuel to Gaza. It was crucial because Gaza was in a bad situation, with lots of people displaced and not enough supplies.

But even though this ceasefire was a relief, people weren’t completely happy. Israelis wanted more hostages to be released, and Palestinians knew this break wouldn’t last long. Gaza was still in trouble, facing a big crisis, and everyone worried that fighting might start again.

The ceasefire plan included Hamas freeing at least 50 hostages and Israel letting go of 150 Palestinian prisoners in four days. They focused on freeing women and kids, hoping it might help make the ceasefire longer.

During the ceasefire, ambulances took the freed hostages from Gaza to Egypt, and then some were sent to Israeli hospitals for check-ups and help. People in Tel Aviv were happy, but for some families, their loved ones hadn’t come back yet, so their happiness was mixed with sadness.

Israel also let go of 24 Palestinian women and 15 teenagers from its prisons. In the West Bank, people celebrated when their loved ones came home, but they were sad too because the bigger conflict wasn’t over, and many people were still held captive.

While the ceasefire was happening, some people from Gaza could go back home briefly to get their things. But they were warned not to go to certain areas because it was still very dangerous, with Israeli troops in control.

This ceasefire is important, but the war caused a lot of damage. Many people died, many were forced out of their homes, and Gaza’s buildings were destroyed. Both sides are ready to start fighting again when the ceasefire ends, so no one knows what will happen next.

Even though this break was short, it shows that there’s a big need for a real solution. People hope that this ceasefire might lead to a better peace in a place that has seen a lot of fighting.

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