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The Secret Fortune of NBA Mascot: Rocky Takes Home $625,000 Annually!

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Being an NBA mascot can be a lucrative gig, as revealed by a report from the Sports Business Journal. The highest-earning NBA mascot is Rocky, the mountain lion mascot of the Nuggets, who makes an impressive $625,000 per year.

Following closely is Harry the Hawk, the mascot of the Hawks, who earns a handsome $600,000 annually. The Chicago Bulls’ mascot, Benny the Bull, is the third highest earner, with $400,000 in income each year.
The Nuggets’ mascot, Rocky, faces a tough challenge ahead as the team competes in its first-ever NBA Finals against the Heat.

The NBA mascot industry boasts significant salaries, although they are considerably lower than those of the players. Mascots primarily entertain the audience through dancing, humor, and appearances at team-related events.

As per Boardroom TV, professional mascots earn an average $60,000 annual salary. The Nuggets’ mascot, Rocky, can be rented for various events at an hourly rate of $750, with a reduced rate of $500 for corporate partners.

Hosting Rocky for a birthday party costs $400 for a 30-minute visit or $750 for a one-hour visit. Season pass holders can have an in-game visit from Rocky for $135, while non-pass holders can avail the opportunity for $150.

Rocky’s salary makes him the highest-paid mascot, significantly exceeding the earnings of other mascots. Fourth place is taken by Go the Gorilla, the mascot for the Suns, who earns $200,000 per year. Hugo the Hornet, the mascot of the Hornets, ranks fifth on the list with an annual salary of $100,000.

Rocky’s salary is approximately ten times higher than the average NBA mascot’s earnings. Rocky’s hourly rental rates demonstrate the value placed on his appearances and engagements. Having Rocky attend a birthday party adds a memorable and entertaining touch at a reasonable cost.

In-game visits from Rocky provide an affordable opportunity for fans to interact with the mascot. Rocky’s salary sets a precedent for the mascot industry, highlighting the potential for substantial earnings. The rates for engaging with Rocky encompass additional expenses beyond the performer’s earnings, ensuring a comprehensive experience for fans.

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