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The Story of Tambon Prasert: The Thai Citizen with 120 Wives and 28 Children

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The unbelievable story of a Thai citizen Tambon Prasert is that he can be called a pioneer of family planning! He has got 28 children. You may call it a paradox to call a man, father of 28 offspring, a joke! Well, it is a fact, but these children are not born out of a single marriage but our hero has married to 120 wives.

Just imagine, a lot of publicity was given to twin sisters who married a lad at Solapur as one of them had fallen in love with the young man! So there must have been a lot of paparazzi in Thailand, the so-called land of Siamese twins! The author of this article Ashutosh Bhalerao has, of course, added his own imagination to create a new Tambon, based on a real Thai person.

Tambon had his first wedding when he was a sweet seventeen. He was not arrested, as Thai law permits a male citizen to marry at the age of 17. Well, now at the age of 58 Tambon has got 120 wives. This is a record since 120 means he has done 10 dozen marriages, roughly an average of 3 per annum. That itself will be a world record, as no monarch or a modern king, even a tribal one has recorded many weddings. 

However, our hero is not an ordinary mortal! Tambon is a builder, not a bodybuilder, but a builder associated with construction work. This man gives a separate dwelling after he marries his chosen bride. That means our Tambon must be the owner of 120 houses, as there is no case of cheating. It means all his wives had a clear idea about his earlier marriage. His latest wife was listening to her husband’s exploits on a Thai TV program. How Tambon may be spending his day & night! He may be traveling, to have a bath at one wife’s house, breakfast at another spouse’s flat, lunch in yet another better half’s place, and so on & so forth! 

It would be a task to find out all Tamaban’s relatives including his 28 children, their wives/husbands & of course their own offspring. Tambon ‘s life of 58 years is a fit material for many films & books. If I were a producer or a publisher, I would have reserved global copyrights about Tambon books/ films to be launched/published in years to come! May Tambon live a long & healthy life so that thousands of people all over the world enjoy his real/imaginary exploits comparable to any mythical story.

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