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Travel Hack Trend: TikTokers Ditch Bags for Fishing Vests at Airports

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TikTokers have found a clever way to avoid extra baggage fees at the airport by donning fishing vests as part of their travel outfits. These creators have taken advantage of the large pockets characteristic of fishing vests, using them to stash socks, gadgets, and other essentials that wouldn’t fit in their carry-on bags. This travel hack has gained popularity among users on TikTok, who are always on the lookout for innovative ideas.

While TikTok has given rise to various fashion trends, the current fad of wearing fishing vests to the airport prioritizes convenience over style. Videos posted on the platform showcase creators cramming their vests with an array of items. One particularly popular video from January demonstrates a TikToker fitting a portable speaker, deodorant, pack of cards, bikini, gym kit, and even a laptop into the vest’s pockets. The sheer versatility and capacity of these vests have garnered attention.

The trend went viral after Julie Waters shared her experience of wearing a fishing vest to accommodate extra items and avoid excess baggage fees on a Spirit Airlines flight to Dallas. Waters packed entire outfits into her fishing jacket, proclaiming it a fantastic packing hack on TikTok. However, she acknowledged that some people might mistake the vest for something more suspicious, like a Unabomber contraption. Nonetheless, Waters successfully navigated through airport security without drawing much attention.

Since then, the hack has spread like wildfire on TikTok, with numerous travel enthusiasts using pocket-laden fishing vests to carry belongings that wouldn’t fit in their carry-on bags. @cheapholidayexpert a fellow TikToker, tried the hack by stuffing various items into the pockets of her fishing vest. Another creator expressed their delight with the hack, emphasizing its usefulness in packing extra clothes and socks for trips after acquiring a fishing vest with five pockets.

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Users who have experimented with this travel hack have reported success in avoiding checked bag fees on budget airlines and saving money during short-distance flights. Although some had concerns about potential reactions from airport staff, many were pleasantly surprised to pass through security and board their flights without any issues. The vest hack has enabled travelers to maximize their packing space and minimize additional expenses.

While the effectiveness of the hack may vary based on airport rules and security procedures in different countries, most travel experts agree that wearing a vest with multiple pockets can genuinely assist in saving on extra baggage fees. Travelers like Peter Barnett have shared their positive experiences, mentioning how they have packed trousers, shirts, hats, ties, shoes, charger cables, and even laptops in fishing jackets. By carrying these items on board, they have enjoyed cost-effective vacations.

TikTok has popularized the trend of wearing fishing vests to the airport as a clever travel hack to avoid extra baggage fees. Creators have demonstrated their ability to stuff these vests with various essentials, enabling them to bypass checked bag fees while still having everything they need. Although airport rules may differ, many users have successfully utilized this hack, ultimately saving money and enhancing their travel experiences.

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