Tom Brady’s Retirement Spiked Controversies In The NFL World

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Tom Brady’s Retirement Spiked Controversies In The NFL World

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The legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady officially announces his retirement from the game last month.  He has decided to walk away from football. 

This decision is definitely a drawback for the NFL football team but now Brady is free to join any team he wants if he changes his mind to return to football. Tom Brady has officially become a free agent at the start of the new league season. According to Mike Florio of Pro Football since Brady retired from the league and the NFLPA, now he can commit to any other team in the league. 

Florio said, “That retirement letter he sent to the league and the NFL Players Association five weeks ago doesn’t matter. He’s now a free agent. He can sign with any team, at any time. He can talk to any team, at any time.” 

This has spiked a lot of controversies in the among the fans. A Twitter account named bengalsFan wrote, “I’m confused, I thought he retired.” Another Twitter account named Omar Amin wrote, “He said he isn’t coming back stop the non sense.” 

However, Brady didn’t confirm his return to the fields himself. So, whether he is staying retired or coming back to join the league as a free agent is still a mystery

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